Annes is an Icelandic band which plays a collection of instrumentel compositions written and arranged by all five members. Their second album “Frost” is a suite that reflects both the weather and the psychological climate of their home country. It also deals with the issue of climate change expressed through impressionistic futurism (Þúst, The obvious) as well as political satire (More is more, Trump).
Although the music is well grounded in the jazz tradition it is a melting pot of various influences, a result of the often great difference between individual members of the band. Collective improvisation, composition, atmospheric textures, individual soloing, conceptual realisation, entertainment, fun, realism and spiritualism are all equal facets of the performance and philosophy of Annes.

The members of Annes are all key figures on the Icelandic music scene. Joel Palsson (saxophone), Gudmundur Petursson (guitar) and Einar Scheving (drums) have all been prolific in their solo work while Eythor Gunnarsson (keyboards) is a founding member of the legendary Mezzoforte and Ari Bragi Karason (trumpet), plays with the multinational band Melismetiq.
Members of Annes have received many awards through the years.In 2018 the band received “Album of the year – Jazz category” at the Icelandic music awards and Eythor Gunnarson was chosen “Jazz performer of the year”.